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It is mid-January on a snowy dark early Saturday evening. The weather at Keystone Ski Resort in Summit County, Colorado is a fierce –40 degrees with a wind chill seemingly nearing –100 degrees. Keystone’s Outback is closed and night skiing on the prized original mountain slopes for the intrepid few has arrived. I’m standing in line with 4 layers and only a small opening for my eyes with a tightly knit face mask and ski helmet. While I’m skiing into the Montezuma Express Lift a throng of millennial gals coalesces at the front of the small line. All these youthful gals have only 2 layers of clothing and a small headband. These Colorado girls have exposed ears, nose, and most of their head and neck anatomy. All these gals begin applying lip balm and mascara, brush their hair and display no worry about the glacial elements. I’m trying to survive and avoid becoming an icicle. The twentysomething Colorado girls are jostling for position, laughing, giggling, story-telling, and texting.  The weather couldn’t be worse, yet the socialization and camaraderie are incredulous. Their plan is to ski until 8 PM closure.

 It is blinding sideways snowfall as I get on the 4 person lift amidst 3 other gals half my age. I remark that I’m impressed that all of you can expose yourself and not suffer terminal frostbite. The girls jest with smiles, sing familiar tunes quite well and answer in return that they are “Colorado Girls.” These gals do it all with work and play, need to be attractive in all situations, and enjoy Colorado life battling the open air elements. These high spirited Colorado Girls mentioned they loved the winter outdoor sports of skiing, skating, snowshoeing, and fly and ice fishing. In the summer this tightly knit tomboy group enjoys cycling, kayaking and backpacking escapades. These millennial Colorado Girls openly stated they loved cute guys, having close male and female friends, and enjoyed endless fun as a group. The Colorado girls on the ski lift worked hard making money, sang and danced to modern and historic music, admittedly were religious, displayed ethics amidst fun, and enjoyed life to the fullest in the endless outdoor playground we know as Colorado. The Colorado Girl Diary I is an embodiment of the gregarious nature, athletic and musical ability, as well as the tomboy qualities of these youthful gals on this early polar evening. If the reader loves snug acculturation of twentysomething girls, outdoor sports, a love story, Colorado, and music, then The Colorado Girl Diary I will be thoroughly enjoyed. Truthfully, no girl possesses all these positive Colorado Girl traits, but having a small aspiring piece of these millennial girls will enlighten your day to improve and enjoy your life at all ages.

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